Bespoke consulting for smaller businesses.

Alastair Ames Consultants provides customers in the B2B sector with business support, mentoring and a plain common sense approach to overcoming business problems. The service is tailor made for business owners who are looking to make changes to their business and have recognised that they would rather not do it on their own and also do not either want or need to recruit an additional full time director. They are looking to work with an experienced and innovative entrepreneur focussed on delivering a cost effective and bespoke service developed around the needs of their business. Our standard service is based around 2 days of full and fairly priced on site consultancy combined with unlimited telephone email and skype support.

Startup Consulting and Small Business Mentoring services by Alastair Ames.

About Alastair Ames

Alastair Ames brings 32 years of experience in the fields of recruitment and consultancy, having built and developed his own business recruiting, head-hunting and supporting high-level appointments. He has worked with numerous UK business owners and senior managers to coach them through key staffing projects and setting up or building on their own in-house recruitment functions

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Why Choose Us?

A personal approach

We will work alongside you to help you turn your business ambitions into reality.

30+ years of expertise

Let us share our knowledge with you at this exciting stage in your company’s life.

Cost-effective and flexible

We will operate on a mutually-acceptable basis to ensure maximum affordability and success.

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