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Welcome to Alastair Ames Consultancy. We work closely with UK businesses to provide consultancy and project management services that support both recruitment and ‘search and selection’ activities at senior level. We spent 32 years as recruitment and search and selection consultants before evolving and transforming our business into what we believe suits the demands and requirements of the market place today. We now no longer source candidates directly but work closely with companies who have embraced the digital candidate sourcing route and need to run traditional and highly experienced methodology alongside it.

We are able to offer unbiased and purely objective input into a recruitment process utilising expertise that has been gained over 30 years in the business. The assignments we undertake often measure internal candidates against external candidates and our external input views all options in a totally objective manner. We work closely with senior management and HR teams within businesses of all sizes and at all stages of the process. We are able to tailor our services and input around each individual project and are used to working within tight time constraints.

We strive to keep costs to a minimum and charge by the day and even by the hour when required.

Alastair Ames

Consultant / Entrepreneur / Automotive & Recruitment Sectors

About Alastair Ames

Alastair Ames brings 32 years of experience in the fields of recruitment and consultancy, having built and developed his own business recruiting, head-hunting and supporting high-level appointments. He has worked with numerous UK business owners and senior managers to coach them through key staffing projects and setting up or building on their own in-house recruitment functions.

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What makes us stand out?

Extensive Contacts

Over the years, an extensive and trusted network of valuable expert contacts has been built across the UK, Europe & Worldwide.

Cost-effective & Tailored

We adopt a cost-effective, tailored and highly focussed approach to your requirements.


Alastair Ames has been working closely with companies of all sizes across the sector and has been exposed to different economic cycles over the last three decades