About Alastair Ames


Alastair Ames brings 32 years of experience in the fields of recruitment and consultancy, having built and developed his own business recruiting, head-hunting and supporting high-level appointments. He has worked with numerous UK business owners and senior managers to coach them through key staffing projects and setting up or building on their own in-house recruitment functions.


Alastair is an experienced mentor with an innate understanding of how to support individuals and teams. In his role as mentor, Alastair works closely with business owners and senior management to provide ongoing personal development advice whilst acting as an invisible additional director.

He offers advice gained from his own extensive experience, as well as a common-sense approach. Alastair regularly shares ideas for how to sustain and enjoy success in business while aiming to avoid or lessen the impact of failures.

Management consultant

As an experienced and successful entrepreneur, Alastair works with management teams across a wide range of sectors and geographical locations to help them overcome weaknesses within their organisation. This often involves working on a one-to-one basis with team members and being on hand to help people work through individual and more widespread problem areas.

Alastair has worked closely with people from businesses of all shapes and sizes, from sole traders to multi-nationals. He takes pride in keeping up to date with the latest developments in business coaching philosophy to benefit his clients and their wider aspirations.

Consultancy & methodology

Our long-standing consultancy experience has enabled us to recognise familiar market trends and to help businesses quickly introduce new services and campaigns that will capture their customers’ imagination and increase profitability. Alastair adopts a flexible approach to consultancy. He works closely with his clients to develop a bespoke style that fits seamlessly with their existing business model.

Alastair can focus on developing existing methods of operation, as well as encouraging businesses to adopt and perfect new ideas. The commercial sector is ever-changing and new and increased competition often sees companies failing to notice the changes until it is too late.

Non-executive director

Businesses of all types can benefit from the guiding hand of an experienced non-executive, or silent director. However, finding an effective, engaged expert to fulfil that role is easier said than done. We can provide this invaluable support across all areas of business, either on a regular or as required basis.

Alastair also takes on project management responsibilities for owners who are too busy to drive new projects through within their work schedules. We have developed a variety of different services to work around the individual needs of our clients. In addition, we have built up a network of trusted advisors with whom we work closely, when appropriate, to provide specialist solutions across all areas of business.