We provide consultancy services to the automotive sector across the UK

Alastair Ames Consultancy offers a suite of services aimed at supporting businesses with recruitment , search ,staff retention , staff loyalty and career development. The methods used have been developed and perfected over decades within the business. We have been working closely with senior and strategic people across a variety of businesses and have learnt how to work with them to achieve their personal goals and combine them with the requirements of relevant prospective employers.

We work on a face-to-face basis or via phone, Skype or video-conferencing to suit each individual client.

Over the years, an extensive and trusted network of valuable expert contacts has been built across the UK, Europe and key global countries to enable us to provide a comprehensive range of consultancy services to our customers. We have built up over 30 years of experience to develop an excellent understanding of the automotive sector and work on a broad variety of projects. We have built and work closely with a trusted team of associates with relevant specialist knowledge across the automotive sector.


We adopt a cost-effective, tailored and highly focussed approach to your requirements. We work as closely as possible with all our customers, closely analysing their objectives before recommending and providing cost effective solutions. We are able to advise on best methodology and work with a broad network of proven suppliers.
We work on a face-to-face basis or via phone, Skype or video-conferencing to suit each individual client.


Alastair Ames has been working closely with companies of all sizes across the sector and has been exposed to different economic cycles and significant changes in methodology over the last three decades. The business has worked with and advised companies through changes in both Human Resources and business structures and has overseen and managed numerous strategic recruitment and team building projects.
We work as closely as possible with customers whilst guiding them through problem areas and projects. The more we can learn about the way your business operates, the quicker we can provide a solution. We are often described by our customers as a provider of simple, common-sense solutions.