We work closely with small businesses to offer consultancy and mentoring services

Starting a new business or branching out on your own can be a scary prospect. No matter how well you have prepared, or how large your contact book is, there is always that fear of stepping into the unknown. By choosing to work with Alastair Ames, however, you don’t have to feel alone and unsupported.

Alastair uses his extensive skills, honed from decades working in the automotive and recruitment sectors to offer guidance, support and an unbiased second opinion across a range of business areas. He uses tried-and-tested methods to help build up a business, offering the following services:

Take a look at the individual service pages for more information and contact Alastair if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment.

Take a look at the individual service pages for more information and contact Alastair if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment.

Personal approach

Alastair especially enjoys working with sole traders and business with fewer than 25 employees as it gives him the chance to really get to know the nuts and bolts of business and consequently, be in a better position to offer genuinely bespoke, relevant consultancy or mentoring support.

Alastair works on a face-to-face basis or via phone, Skype or video conferencing – or a combination of these approaches – to suit the client’s individual needs. The aim is for everyone involved to feel part of a wider team and to feel inspired about the company’s current successes and future development.


We can work on any areas of the company in need of extra support. These might be problem areas or issues of concern that require some specialist knowledge or help to resolve. Alternatively, a new company might wish to build on its initial success by seeking to expand. Alastair’s extensive expertise and bulging contact book means he can add value to any start-up company or business emerging from its infancy.

Alastair has clocked up more than three decades of business consultancy, mentoring and other relevant experience across multiple sectors. Now, he seeks to share this valuable knowledge with others with the same ambition and thirst for success.


We understand money can be tight when you first set up as a sole trader or small business. We offer a flexible approach and are always happy to discuss an affordable payment plan and agree a schedule of hours that fits in with both budget and time constraints. We see our role as consultant and mentor as one that adds value wherever we are needed and doesn’t interfere in areas you don’t want us to.

Smaller businesses can evolve very quickly, and priorities and business targets suddenly shift. We are flexible in our work and skilled at adapting our support to closely match your requirements, whatever they may be and however quickly they may change.


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